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XL Airways is a solid, acceptable choice for crossing the ocean. They offer an experience approaching a full-service airline–including a checked bag and at least one hot meal–but often at LCC pricing.

A friend and I took a quick trip to Europe back in December before the holidays, and XL popped up as an option to get home. Sometimes I mix and match one-way long-haul tickets to fulfill an itinerary, and the rise of low-cost, long-haul carriers like Norwegian, Level, and WOW Air have made this sort of last-minute jaunt a lot more accessible.

I first heard of XL in Summer 2015 when I had a similar last-minute need to get home. At the time I took Norwegian instead, but was intrigued by XL. What was it?

XL Airways bills itself as a “French airline specializing in long-haul flights.” With just four aircraft (all A330 variants) and twenty-two destinations, they primarily operate from French cities to vacation destinations both via regularly scheduled service and charter operations for tour companies.

XL Airways List of Destinations. Note: Many of these destinations are seasonal. NYC service for instance, IIRC is offered only in the warmer months and around the winter holidays.

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Good morning everyone.  As part of my “Keep, Cancel or Convert?” series, I like to evaluate and reevaluate credit cards to make sure they still deserve a spot in my wallet (or credit card drawer).  In today’s post, I will share my thoughts regarding my Citi AT&T Access More Credit Card.  I actually have 3 different Citi AT&T Access More Credit Cards, but my decision to keep, cancel, or convert all 3 credit cards is the same.  A few weeks ago, the $95 annual fee posted to my account.  This credit card is no longer available for direct applications, but you can TSR Dungeons & Dragons EBERRON DELUXE DUNGEON MASTER'S SCREEN UNUSED MINT to the Citi AT&T Access Credit Card (no annual fee) and then upgrade to the Citi AT&T Access More Credit Card ($95 annual fee).  I love these Citi AT&T Access More Credit Cards and I will show you why I keep these credit cards year after year.


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Good afternoon everyone.  I was working on my Buy Miles & Points Page and found a few offers ending in the next week.  Always check the math to make sure that buying miles & points makes sense for you.  Do not buy miles & points speculatively unless you have a use in mind.  With that said, here are 3 buy miles/points promos ending soon.  First up, Warhammer 40K ADEPTUS ASTARTES Gravis SPACE MARINES PRIMARIS AGGRESSORS, new, no matter how many British Airways Avios purchases.  This offer expires tomorrow – May 21.


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Good morning everyone.  As part of my VINTAGE TIN LITHOGRAPHED AMERICAN FLYER PASSENGER AND OBSERVATION CARS series, I like to evaluate and reevaluate credit cards to make sure they still deserve a spot in my wallet (or credit card drawer).  In today’s post, I will share my thoughts regarding my Chase Marriott Bonvoy Premier Plus Business Credit Card (no longer available for new members), that was previously called the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Business Credit Card.  I was just charged the $99 annual fee and need to decide if this credit card is worth keeping for another year.


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